One of the best reasons to become a member of the Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce is that we are actively involved in advocating for business issues throughout the region.


Government requirements can be burdensome, so we are intentional about our relationships with elected and public officials. We provide them with information about the impact of various legislation, zoning, permitting, and code implementation. The Puyallup Sumner Chamber has a track record of integrity, and accountability with our local government, and we are known as a strong voice for business throughout the South Sound region and on our annual trips to Washington D.C.

The Chamber IS the voice of business. For our members, this means they are not a lone voice when working on issues that impact their bottom line. They can leverage the business community, through the Chamber, as a much larger voice advocating for solutions to their business issues. And a larger voice means a larger impact in our advocacy efforts. As a Chamber member you gain that impact for your own business, and you lend your voice and impact to issues relating to other local businesses.


Empowering our Elected Officials | Candidate Endorsements

It’s challenging for our members to find time to learn about candidates during election cycles. But our businesses know it is critical to elect representatives who understand their challenges, and how important businesses are for local job creation, sustainable tax revenues, and an affordable quality of life in our communities. We provide the following resources in response to our member advocacy needs:

  • Video interviews of candidates that can be viewed at our member’s convenience

  • Candidate endorsement committee interviews that provides information to candidates about business issues

  • Publish endorsements to chamber members to promote informed voting

Our Chamber believes that informed candidates understand, and are empowered, vote for legislation supporting the businesses that support our communities. Our members have come to depend on our Chamber to inform candidates of local business issues and to ask them for their support.

These are examples of how we represent our members:

  • Attend permitting and licensing meetings

  • Attend and testify at city council and planning commission meetings

  • Attend and testify at county council meetings

  • Testify in Olympia

  • Write letters and make calls to council members, legislators, and congressional representatives

  • Create an annual Legislative Agenda that promotes a thriving and sustainable business environment

  • Organize monthly government affairs committee meetings (electeds and city officials are invited to attend)

  • Organize tours of local businesses so electeds can speak with business representatives directly

  • Create and host events that spotlight business issues and solutions

  • Partner with the education community to support the workforce development necessary for business

  • Membership in regional organizations

    • South Sound Chamber of Commerce Legislative Coalition

    • South Sound Alliance

    • Puget Sound Gateway Project (completion of SR167)

    • Advisory Committee for Thun Field

    • Advisory Council for Gordon Family YMCA in Sumner

    • Community Advisory Board with County Prosecuting Attorney office