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The Leadership Institute (LI), sponsored by the Puyallup Sumner Chamber of Commerce, is a premier leadership development program designed to identify, educate and motivate a network of community leaders and increase each individual’s capacity to serve the Puyallup and Sumner communities. Selected participants learn through seminars, team project development, panel discussions, direct interaction with community leaders, and a variety of experiential activities.

LI is designed for high potential employees who are ready to focus on core leadership skills and poised to move up in their organizations. For nine months, LI participants receive specialized leadership training frameworks from the book The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner. This transformative learning opportunity takes an individual’s potential and turns it into powerful performance.

Learning Outcomes, Themes, and Related Activities

What do participants get out of the class, and how will my organization benefit?

  • Strengthen Leadership Practices

  • Identify individual skills that guide leadership efforts

  • Create and engage with a network of professional peers

  • Learn about AND connect with the Puyallup/Sumner communities

  • Contribute to community betterment through a Team Learning Project

    • Encourage the Heart: Community Learning Project

    • Enable Others to Act: Hello Neighbor Activity

    • Model the Way: Leadership Trait Assessment

    • Challenge the Process: Making an Impact on Your Community

    • Inspire a Shared Vision: Informational Visits to Public and Private Entities

How will my organization benefit?

Your employees will:

  • Learn to identify their strengths and utilize them in a leadership capacity

  • Develop skills to effectively motivate others within your organization

  • Cultivate relationships with business and community leaders

  • Receive privileged access to knowledge of vital community resources and infrastructure

  • Identify organizations within the community that are aligned with your company’s vision and service mission

  • Adopt a mindset of servant leadership

Brochure and Application

Leadership Institute brochure and applications for 2020 coming soon!

Interested? Email to be notified when Leadership Institute 2020 is open for applications.


Comparable programs cost: $1,800 to $8,000
Non-chamber member price: $1,800
Cost PSCC member tuition rate  $900